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Monday, August 29, 2011

Stupid is as stupid says?

MaD dOG Sez:

Well, it happened again. Another republican politician is officially dumb. Politico's Jonathan Martin says so.

I have noticed that the left leaning media is quick to brand conservatives as stupid. They do it with increasing regularity... George W. Bush was dumb, as was Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan and don't even get me started on Sarah Palin. Remember the fuss over Dan Quayles' potato spelling correction? Now it's Rick Perry's turn under the dunce hat, which is vociferously guarded and singularly awarded by the left.

My question is, why? Why do liberals resort to this label so often? The answer, I believe, is simple. Because it's easy.

It's easy to discount any success a person may have had because anybody would have been successful in that position, or at that time. It's easy because you don't have to prove it, just say it. It's easy because once you've put someone in the moron category you can discount anything they have ever accomplished, or any idea that they propose because, after all, they're stupid. You never have to provide a salient counter position, just play the idiot card, because it requires no proof or thought.

This is how much of the liberal elite operate. From Bill Mahr's condescending smirk and Rachel Maddow's snarky, "Really?!", to a Press Secretary asking, "Is that a real question?" it is far too common that liberals narcissistically note that they are the smartest people in the room and are quick to point out their competition as far less intelligent. President Obama - smart, President Bush - stupid... pretty succinct message, right. Never mind the fact that they BOTH went to Harvard.

The fact remains that it is very dificult for most liberals to mount a serious argument based upon verifiable evidence. They can tell you an awful lot about feelings and empathy. They can generally quote party talking points. Rarely can they make sense of why things don't actually work the way they've been told they should. Calling your opponent stupid is the nuclear option in debate. You say it when it's all you have left in the bag.

In the end though, calling your opponent stupid is often more revealing about your own arguments than it is theirs.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid says."