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Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl "Entertainment"

Mad Dog Sez:

I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. It was a really nice day… had some friends over and we ate brats and chili until we burst.

I thought that the game was great. It had all the excitement and drama of a good sports rivalry. Unfortunately, the non-sport entertainment continued the tradition of being underwhelming.

It started with Christina Aguilera’s “original version” of the National Anthem. Aside from forgetting the words – hey, we all make mistakes – the singing was simply horrid. It sounded more like someone skinning cats. Why to entertainers feel like they need to force their “interpretation” of the anthem on America? Why can’t they show some respect and just sing it? I think Whitney Houston’s heartwarming rendition for SuperBowl XXV is about as “jazzy” as the anthem should ever get. I still remember one time where a single trumpet player played the Anthem… it was so moving. Sometimes less really can be more.

Then there was the half time Black Eyed Peas “yawnfest.” It had me and my guests trying to figure out what the last decent half time show was. Michael Jackson in 1993? Blues Brothers in 1997? How about in 1992 when FOX ran the In Living Color half-time alternative… does that count? I think half time would be far more entertaining if they would just do first half highlights and analysis followed by 5 or 10 “Super Bowl” quality commercials. Show them on the big screen in the stadium too. Think of the extra revenue the NFL could get… maybe they won’t have to have a lock out in 2011.



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